Is it just me or are the fonts in GPU GEMS broken?

Here is what I saw on GPU GEMS - Chapter 8. Simulating Diffraction:

One can see the code part is a mess from my side.

Hi @ziyuang,

I am not sure how this should look. I have no way to verify without seeing the book’s content that was initially published in 2004.

I would expect something at least as above, i.e., one newline after each ; or }, also one newline after each { or the ) right before each {, depending on the style.

I have access to a scanned version and these are the relevant pages, which seem even better, as the function parameters have their own lines:

Cool! I will pass this on to the team that manages that page.


Thanks. I think it happens on every page with code, from GPU Gems 1 to GPU Gems 3.


Can confirm the broken code snippets are still present in all the GPU Gems book. It’s weird that this is the only thread talking about it. I thought I had something wrong with my web layout.
Have you found any fix apart from downloading the scanned version ?

Same here, I’m reading gpu gems lately and the problem still exist.

I have bumped this issue to the team that manages the site.

Thanks for your patience,