Is it possible display directly from GPU memory to HDMI

Hi, I wanna to render or transfer the deep learning model output (rgb image) from cuda (gpu memory) directly to a display using HDMI or DP cable without moving it to cpu memory? Actually I wanna transfer data via HDMI(DP) from RTX 3090 to another device with HDMI(DP)

The general topic area is CUDA/Graphics interop. There are many forum questions about it, as well as various sample codes.

I don’t know what that means, and don’t think it is possible, depending on what you mean by “another device”.

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. The another device I mentioned refers to a device that can use HDMI signals as input, such as a monitor. So I would like to ask if it is possible to use HDMI as an intermediate bridge to transmit the images in the CUDA memory of the GeForce RTX3090 graphics card to a device that can use HDMI signals as input? I know that GPUDirect is a tool that uses PCIE as a transmission bridge to achieve direct access between the GPU memory of different graphics cards, but GPUDirect RDMA requires NVIDIA Tesla or Quadro class GPUs based on Kepler, Pascal, Volta, or Turing. If I use NVIDIA GeForce cards, Is it possible transfer CUDA memory data of Nvidia GeForce cards to Third Party Device? If GPUDirect technology cannot achieve it can what I mentioned before be achieved through HDMI as a transmission bridge? Or is there any other way to achieve it?

GPUDirect RDMA within the Linux Device Driver Model

Sure, it is possible to display data from a RTX3090 to an attached monitor.

There are various CUDA/Graphics interop sample codes that also demonstrate display of the data.

Can you provide a tutorial link about CUDA/Graphics interop or some sample codes that I can refer to for further study? Thanks.

The cuda sample codes are here. A number of the CUDA/graphics interop sample codes are in the “Domain Specific” section, one example is fluidsGL, but there are several others. I don’t have any tutorials to suggest, but there are numerous forum articles about it, a bit of searching will turn them up for you. The programming guide has a section on it here.

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