Is it possible to enable UART in suspend mode (SC7)?

I’m using R28.2,
Is it possible to enable the UART function in Suspend mode?
And how to?

hello chrischang0921,

we would like to have more details about your use-case.
did you want to put Tegra device enter suspend mode, and try to access the board via UART?
may I know what’s the functions/ commands you would like to send,
also, what’s your expectation results?

Hi Jerry:
Sorry for my late reply.
my original purpose is to observe the irq status to check my settings in PM mode by UART print logs.

After some modification, the wake-up is work so far. So this question is not in urgent.

By the way,
Refer to log messages, it seems put all CPUs into suspend mode, any chance to do this?

hello chrischang0921,

please access the developer guide and refer to Power Management for TX1 Devices session, thanks

Hi Jerry:
Got it.