Is there a way to Merge Sub Items of a Group together?

I created a lake scene with grass in Blender, and when importing into Omniverse as USD, each grass element is a separate mesh and with 6700 items, when I try and group them I have been waiting 15 minutes already.

IClone has Merge Sub Props, not sure if my scene will ever recover, but if it does I would like to trim the 6,700 meshes down to less objects so it is a more manageable scene.

Thanks if it is possible.

Hi @DataJuggler

Have you tried those extensions?

The first one is only available in the NVIDIA Omniverse Isaac Sim application, but the second one is also available in Create…

No, I will try the Merge Mesh. Thanks.

I finally tried the Merge Mesh, and the console shows an error ‘No Default Prim’ in the group I selected.

Any ideas how to fix that?

Thank you