Is there a way to use EGLstream such that EGLsurface producer connects with CUDA consumer?

I’ve queried to EGLDevice that can support CUDA device and it seemed available.
I’ve also written producer and consumer codes. Producer creates EGLStream object, extracts a fd from it, and shares that with CUDA consumer process. To connect stream with consumer, the consumer calls cudaEGLStreamConsumerConnect() and the stream state is changed to EGL_STREAM_STATE_CONNECTING_KHR. Producer calls eglCreateStreamProducerSurfaceKHR() but EGL_NO_SURFACE is returned with EGL_BAD_ALLOC error. I can’t find the error case in an extension EGL_KHR_stream_producer_eglsurface.

It has worked well when the consumer is GL texture. so I just guess that there are additional processes to connect EGL with CUDA. If then, how can I connect?

I’ve tried this on 390.48 driver and cuda 9.1.85

@sixzone11: Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m running into the exact same issue.

You might have better luck asking in the cuda forum: