Is there an icon for CUDA?

I’m trying to write some slides to promote CUDA around my co-workers.
However, the slides turns out to be really boring, since I can’t find any cool looking graphics to insert.

Maybe a cool icon or something may make CUDA more widely accepted.

CUDA is so cool that it doesn’t need any icons/logos.

No, really, try to promote technology with performance or dollar-per-GFlop graphs ;-)

cuda’s icon should be a barracuda.

like this one:…h_Barracuda.jpg

I was thinking you were going to suggest a mushroom…


Perhaps a Sh*take :D

Yeah let’s promote it with a car from the 70’s :)

Or with a barracuda fish!…/b8/Barrkok.JPG

Check the Syllabus of the Illinois CUDA course at:

They’re at their second iteration, last one in Spring 2007 (check the archives). Lots of good stuff in their presentations and podcasts. :yes: