Is there any document about proper use of various malloc method?

Is threre any document about proper use of cudaMalloc/cudaMallocHost/gdrcopy respectively.

Seeing follow description, gdrcopy performs very well and no cons.

The CUDA runtime API document indicates proper usage of those.

gdrcopy is documented here.

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Thank you for describing this.
My intention is the difference between cudaMallocHost/GDRCopy.

From seeing the graph about data size and latency (*) , I realized that, for small data, it should use GDRCopy, and , for large data, it should use cudaMallocHost.

(*) for example GDRCopy page which is previously linked.

Thanks for your link to gdrcopy, something I hadn’t come across before.

In turn it linked to another document on RDMA I found useful and indirectly perhaps explains a number of problems that appear on these lists, around P2P failures on assorted hardware.

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