Is there any method to split Nsight Systems (.nsys-rep) file?

Is there any method to split Nsight Systems (.nsys-rep) file?

I try to read nsys-rep file, but it failed to read in Nsight systems (2024.1.1) . the file is huge (over 1GB) so I want to split the file.

There is not currently any way to split a .nsys-rep file. We are working on something for a future release, but that will not help you now.

Is the system that you are trying to open this on low in RAM? Is there a different system you could use? Could you take advantage of the web streaming GUI functionality to open the file on a different machine and view it locally? See User Guide — nsight-systems 2024.2 documentation (that’s a direct link, the forum software just makes it generic).

Alternatively, how long were you collecting for? You really only need a couple of instances of a repeating pattern to be able to analyze, so you might be able to shorten the report in time or use a delayed start to decrease the size of the file. Depending on what you are trying to analyze ad what you have to see, you might also be able to collect fewer options as well.

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I am currently running nsys on Core i5 11th with 16GB memory.

Thank you for introducing WebRTC feature, I will consider it.

I am not taking a long time to measure, I am profiling within second. (Is there any method to reduce profiling points?).

What is the command line that you are using? (or the GUI options).

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