Is this combining possible to do in create?

See this topic please

It is about combining a2f cache and A2gesture SkelAnimation in Machinima seq timeline.

Can this be done in Create?


With the latest create, the only thing I cannot seem to do is the connection of a2f cache ( speaking gray head ) to my characters mesh.

So is this possible in Create?

Hello @pekka.varis! I’ve asked the dev team if this feature works in Create. It may be temporally disabled for some reason while the devs fix something.

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Hi @pekka.varis ,
Not every extensions included in Machinima and Audio2Face is available in Create.
In fact Create is proabably the most lean one.
You can try add Machinima Extension folder path to Create at your own risk to make those extensions available.

  1. click the + to add path
  2. enter the path to where your Machinima extscache is
  3. see if you can enable toolbox.
    once enabled, then the connect_points will become available on menu