ISO 26262 ASIL c

How can we get a copy of the certificate for the ISO 26262 ASIL-C for Xavier ?
This is a question for Nvida.

Hi Scottqjk8u,

Supposed your question is not for Jetson AGX Xavier, but the DRIVE AGX Xavier.
You will need to contact with NVIDIA representative for the details.


No the Jetson AGX Xavier claims compliance with ISO 26262 ASIL-C.
Also the NVIDIA representative sent me to this forum.
How do I get an answer ?

One of several examples:
From Nvidia presentation:

"TÜV SÜD’s team determined Xavier’s architecture meets the ISO 26262 requirements
to avoid unreasonable risk in situations that could result in serious injury. "

Xavier Series SoC Technical Reference Manual (8,288 pages)
Mentions the safety features through the document but not ISO 26262.

From Self-driving Safety Report 2018 by Nvidia

“The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX architecture enables vehicle manufacturers to build and deploy self-driving
cars and trucks that are functionally safe and can be demonstrated compliant to international
safety standards such as ISO 26262 and ISO/PAS 21448, NHTSA recommendations, and global NCAP

Here is TUV SUD web site reference but no certificate:

TÜV SÜD assessed the concept of the Xavier device of NVIDIA Corporation and evaluated if the integrity measures are sufficient to support safety functions up to ASIL C(D) functions according to the standard ISO 26262 in the context of autonomous driving. The Xavier device was one of the most complex processor TÜV SÜD has evaluated. By meeting the ISO 26262 requirements for ASIL C(D) the Xavier SoC architecture is suitable for enabling safe autonomous driving.

Safety concept assessment for NVIDIA Xavier system-on-chip (SoC) to foster safe autonomous drivingIn September 2017 NVIDIA Corporation requested TÜV SÜD experts to test the concept of the Xavier device according to the standard ISO 26262:2011.

NVIDIA Xavier is designed as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) to support automated driving systems from SAE L2 through SAE L5 automation levels, including capabilities for perception, localization, sensor fusion, path planning, and vehicle dynamics. It is a complex processor for a vast amount of data generated within autonomous driving experiences. Its GMSL (gigabit multimedia serial link) high-speed IO connects Xavier to the largest array of lidar, radar and camera sensors of any chip.

The assessment results showed that the architecture of the Xavier device meets the ISO 26262 requirement for ASIL C(D). For our TÜV SÜD experts the Xavier device was one of the most complex processor they have evaluated.

Hi Scottqjk8u, ASIL-C certification only applies to DRIVE AGX Xavier, not Jetson AGX Xavier. For automotive self-driving applications, please use the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.


Both these modules use the same SOIC (system on a chip) with different board designs
(SOM -System on Module) Is it possible that the review by TUV was done at the
chip level and/or that the features evaluated are present at the chip and both module levels ?



The review was done in accordance with the DRIVE AGX Xavier feature set. The Jetson AGX Xavier does not feature functional safety or the other requirements conforming with ASIL-C certification.