Issue with Assessment Completion and Grade Feedback

I am facing with the Fundamentals of Deep Learning course on the Deep Learning Institute platform. Despite successfully completing the assessment with a score above the required threshold, I am unable to receive credit for my work.

As shown in the attached screenshots, my model achieved an average accuracy of 0.9438, which is above the required 0.92. However, when I click on the “ASSESS TASK” button to generate my certificate, I receive the following message:

“It doesn’t look like you’ve completed the assessment yet. Please make sure you have completed the assessment notebook in its entirety, then come back and try again.”

I have attempted to resolve this issue multiple times by re-running the assessment and ensuring that all steps are completed correctly, but the result remains the same.

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue so that I can receive credit for my completed work and generate my certificate. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the forums!
The DLI team is looking into your issue, and will reach out if more information is needed.
Thanks for your patience as they investigate the problem.