Jarvis ASR batch mode file size exceeds

Hi, I am trying to execute the Jarvis ASR feature using the quickstart guide Quick Start Guide — NVIDIA Jarvis Speech Skills v1.3.0-beta documentation. This works well for the sample wav file provided but fails for wav files larger than 4MB with this error:

Loading eval dataset…
filename: /data/newsvideo1_mono.wav
Done loading 1 files
RPC failed: Received message larger than max (11636842 vs. 4194304)
Done processing 1 responses
Some requests failed to complete properly, not printing performance stats

I managed to increase the size limit for streaming asr client by adding this line

in “jarvis_streaming_asr_client.py” inside the docker container.

But this only works for streaming asr, I was wondering if there is a way to increase the size limit for batch mode as well and perhaps a better solution than the one mentioned above.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @varun.singh01
We don’t recommend running much larger files than that currently supported. We might support configuration option in the future.
Best option, for now, is to simply use the streaming API instead.