java wrapper for CUDA - comparison comparison, looking for experienced users, other infos...

Hi all,

I’m going to use a java wrapper for CUDA for my project (non-commercial). I already found some…

  1. [b]JNI - Java Native Interface /b
  2. JCublas (
  3. JaCuda (
  4. jCUDA ( -> (contains JCublas?)

… but I have no idea which of them really good - means the support the whole CUDA functionality.

Now I’m looking for users who use one of the wrapper. May they can give me some advice (pros, cons).
If anyone knows a document with comparisons, please do not hesitate to post a link.

Thanks for any help

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I have the same problem and to me it looks like the two major libraries are

  1. jCuda -
  2. jCUDA - now shifted to

nvidia seems to recommend jCUDA, but in forums more people talk about jCuda.

I’m a bit concerned with both about their licenses, what’s a “non-commercial application”.

What if a not-for-profit/non-profit organization uses jCUDA in one of their softwares, is that

commercial or non-commercial

I’d like to find a basic, open java to cuda wrapper, maybe something with a BSD style license.

JCuda from is currently being updated for CUDA 3.0, and with this next update (which will hopefully be uploaded soon) the license will be changed to the Lesser GPL. That means that the libraries can also be used in commercial products. The license of the current version could also be changed to LGPL, that’s not a problem…