Jetpack 4.4.1 and Tensorflow with Python 2.7

Hi, I’m trying to use Jetson Nano 2GB with Tensorflow 1.x. I’ve seen a few wheel files to install but they are only for python 3.6. Since I’m using ROS I need to use python 2.7. I’ve tried to compile from source using this guideline. I have managed to fix some inconsistency regarding CUDA, cudnn and tensorRT versions, but still the build fails. I can’t downgrade my jetpack in order to downgrade my cuda and cudnn since this is the only jetpack supported. Are there any working methods to build tensorflow 1.x on python 2.7 with full gpu utilization (cuda, cudnn and tensorRT) ?


Since python2.7 is end-of-life, we only have the python3-based TensorFlow package.

You should be able to use python3 within ROS.
Did you set up the environment with the instructions shared on this page?


Ended up doing that using python2 and python3 concurrently on ROS melodic with some workarounds. Thanks.

Good to know you have some way now.
Thanks for the update.