JetPack 6.0 Developer Preview - Release Announcement

Now we are at the end of March, is there an estimate for when it is expected to be released?


Hello … Curious about when the Production ready release will happen. I am hoping this will get rid of my nvpmodel error. Thanks.

And we are now reaching the end of April.

I understand this is a big change and there may be lots of things to iron out, but some indication of the expected timeline would be nice.

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Does Jetson Orin Nano support tensorflow GPU in native JetPack 6DP env?

@Nvidia, do the newest Orin developer kits available for purchase include the latest QSPI bootloaders, which will allow the installation of Jetpack 6.0 and higher?

I am curious about the QSPI bootloader.
If I download the QSPI bootloader using the SD card, will the QSPI bootloader be applied to the Jetsonorinano device? Or is it applied to SD card??
Also, I was wondering if the SDK manager should flash the jetpack 6.0 and flash the jetpack image separately with the etcher.

So since it is May 7 now, 1 week has passed, what is the newest timeframe you can give us?

@utku_oguzman JetPack 6.0 production release was released last week