Jetpack 6 release date?

Last I checked it was said that Jetpack 6 was going to release mid-November, and obviously there’s only a week left in November. Is Jetpack 6 still planned to release mid-November or is it planned for a later date now?

Last I heard (unofficial) the very end of this month (November), or very early December (the first week?).

It is so sad from Nvidia! No respect for the users!
I would definitely re-consider for the use on Nvidia products!

Sorry, but that’s hardly the case. It’s a big release and worth the time to resolve any blockers and last-minute issues. Glad you are looking forward to it though!

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When will be the new release date?

To my knowledge it’s still Nov 30, I have yet to be back in the office after the US holiday. Sorry but your attitude here and in the other thread needs to relax as we’re all operating in good faith to get it out as soon as possible. I’m sure you understand that software development is a non-deterministic endeavor.


@dusty_nv is the team still targeting 12/5?

Yes, typically the actual posting of it takes another day or two, but yes we have the ‘final’ build at this point and doing the final verification.


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