Jetson AGX shows black screen after reboot

Hi. I am contacting you because I have a problem with my jetson AGX orin development kit. First of all, I am not familiar with linux.

I was using the Jetson board like a laptop with only WiFi connected.(I don’t have separate host PC). anyway, I installed the necessary sw such as VScode, wine, and so on

For a few days, I used the Jetson board normally using a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.(no problem)

However, I installed docker by referring to the address below, run the container, and rebooted using the reboot command (because the system felt somewhat slow).

Usually, when I turn on the Jetson board, some command lines is displayed on a black screen, and then the NVIDIA logo appears and a GUI screen is displayed. However, after this rebooting, some commands is displayed on a black screen(as before), and the monitor goes into sleep mode because there is no signal. so no NVIDIA logo and no GUI screen.

Is there any solution? I already tried Force Recovery Mode, but it doesn’t work. I tried it by referring to the video in the link below. (I don’t know if it’s possible without a host PC)

Just a FYI. Recovery mode does not “recover” anything. It is just a mode that you can use another host PC to reflash the software into it.

Thus, the board will get “recovered” after flash the board, but not just due to recovery mode…

Thank you for your reply. So, is there a way to factory reset without a host PC? Currently, only Windows can be used.

Sorry, no factory reset on Jetson. Must use another x86 ubuntu host pc to do reflash.

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