Jetson Nano automatic shutdown irregularly

Hi everyone,

I use Jetson nano in an outdoor environment, and it automatically shutdown frequently from time to time. I originally thought it was caused by the high load, but after a restart, it shutdown automatically without performing any operation. The following is a record of the problem:

  • Use scene: outdoor, temperature around 15℃, sunny
  • Operating system: Ubuntu18.04
  • Trouble phenomenon: frequent automatic shutdown, no heavy load process is running before shutdown
  • Power supply mode: 24V battery output 5V5A through voltage regulator module This is the link
  • Guess the reason:
    1. Operating system failure
    2. Jetson development board failure
    3. SD card failure
    4. Power supply issues
  • Other instructions
    1. Can’t try to reinstall the system because it is already in use

I don’t know if there are good suggestions that can help us locate the cause of the fault.

Looking forward to reply, thanks!

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