Jetson nano can't boot up successfully

Hi there,

I bought Jetson nano development kit for 3 days and can’t still boot up successfully in the first time by flashing via neither provided SD card image nor SDK manager.

In this case, I could see Nvidia log, but couldn’t see Ubuntu system configuration wizard.

Any help?


boot.log (20.2 KB)

Are you using the development kit, or a third party carrier? Do you have a purely HDMI monitor (without adapters) connected? Do you have other items connected, for example, a camera?

The reason I ask is that it does boot up to the kernel loading, and then it fails almost immediately. Part of the failure text is related to display errors, and part is related to an imx219 sensor and its i2c. Both the monitor and camera use i2c, and the system hangs there unable to continue.

I probably can’t get you any closer to an answer on this particular board, but knowing the above will help whoever answers.


Thank you for your reply. I did not connect with camera, mouse or keyboard but HDMI monitor.

Fortunately, I found the post, that the problem is the same with mine, to fix this issue:

I just change the manufacturer from Kingston to Samsung and it works.

It’s weird but suggests that Nivida might put a notification in the guide in the future if someone goes through the same problem.

I have found as well that mostly Samsung works, but there is an enormous difference across brands of SD card even when rated to the same specs. I find most of them work fine for data, but when it comes to SD cards used for booting, differences start showing up. I am not surprised that changing brand would help.