Jetson Nano Dev kit mounting holes?

Hi there!
I’m looking for a document showing me the exact dimensions and positions of the mounting holes on the dev kit board. I found previous topics asking the same question but the links are all dead.

Somehow it seems impossible to find that info anywhere…


Hi, we don’t provide that directly. For module holes please refer to the module datasheet (, for carrier board, please refer to the PCB file of P3449 (

Thanks for your answer. I’ve already looked at both of these. Why not provide a mechanical drawing with basic dimensions like every other electronic part out there… sigh

And I know there is a document with that info somewhere since it’s been referenced before: (Jetson Nano mounting holes pattern schematic - #4 by dusty_nv)

Anyway, I hate trying to fab a board without the exact mounting holes position.

Ok, I found the info I needed. Here it is in case anyone need it in the future.


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