jetson nano encode h264 video quality compare with NVIDIA Tesla P4

Hi everyone,

I have used tegra_multimedia_api/samples/01_video_encode to encode a h264 video, and compare the quality(PSNR) with NVIDIA Tesla P4 in the same bitrate.

But unluckly, the quality of jetson nano encodeing is worse than Tesla P4.
Do you know what’s the matter? And what should I do to increase the quality of encode for jetson nano?


For H264 encoding, the hardware blocks are different between Jetson Nano and Tesla P4, so you cannot see exactly the same results.

For tuning video quality on Jetson Nano, you can try below encode properties:

"-hpt <type>           HW preset type (1 = ultrafast, 2 = fast, 3 = medium,  4 = slow)"

Below post show the effect:

"-MinQpI               Specify minimum Qp Value for I frame"
"-MaxQpI               Specify maximum Qp Value for I frame"
"-MinQpP               Specify minimum Qp Value for P frame"
"-MaxQpP               Specify maximum Qp Value for P frame"

Configure QP range of I and P frames

"-vbs <size>           Virtual buffer size [Default = 0]"

The property works in CBR mode. The formula is

virtual buffer size = <size> * (bitrate/fps)

For example, if you set ‘-vbs 1’ in 10Mbps 30fps. Each frame is with 1 * 10000000 / 30 bytes at maximum.