Jetson Nano unexposed GPIOs

I have a custom made carrier for a project that uses a CSI interface based on the Jetson Nano Dev Board. I need to be able to control GPIO00 and GPIO06 (Module Pins 87 and 130) as part of this interface. I have not found any clear direction on how these pins can be set Hi or Low.

Any help would be appreciated.

We support the standard way. Export the GPIO # you want to use by using sysfs.


How do I know the equivalent sysfs GPIO number for a specific Nvidia GPIO? I have seen references to consult the PinMux spread sheet but after reviewing this document I do not see
any of the below listed?

GPIO00 (Module pin 87)
GPIO02 (Module pin 124)
GPIO03 (Module pin 126)
GPIO04 (Module Pin 127)
GPIO05 (Module Pin 128)
GPIO06 (Module Pin 130)

Is there a reference for these pins?