Jetson Nano with SIM7600G HAT Module

Hi All,

Has anyone worked on integrating SIM7600G 4G module with Jetson Nano.?
I tried all available methods, can anyone suggest me the hardware connection and dependency libraries for the module to work properly.

I tried above method but failed
Actually I want to run AT Commands but unable to send the AT Commands.
Thanks in Advance.

I know nothing about this particular hardware or software, but AT commands are sent via a serial UART. In the URL you gave it uses “/dev/ttyUSB2”. This would be an example of a serial UART, probably one with an FTDI chipset. Are you using the correct device special file?

If you run “dmesg --follow” from the system which has the USB cable on it, and then plug the cable in, you should see new log lines naming the particular device special file. This would be what you use for talking to your device from minicom from their example.

Note that FTDI is generally available without any work on most of Linux. If the name is different, e.g., if it is a CDC chipset, then perhaps you need a driver. Knowing what the dmesg is upon plugin, and knowing what error you get, would probably help. Like I said, I do not know anything about your device, but serial UART communications is more or less standardized.