Jetson Nano's 5G Communication Problem


We developed a new carrier board based on the Jetson nano module.
We need to do 5G communication using 5G modules.

The 5G module we are using is Quectel’s RM500Q-GL model.

However, if you try 5G communication, the speed doesn’t come out properly.
(Download 20~30Mbps, Upload 10~20Mbps)

These symptoms also occur in formal versions of ubuntu 18.04.
The ubuntu 22.04 full version works at a relatively high speed. (Download 200~300Mbps, Upload 80~100Mbps)

We expect the problem to be caused by the low version of Network Manager that supports Ubuntu 18.04.

Is there a solution to improve 5G communication speed on Jetson Nano? Or do you have any updates?
Or have you ever used 5G communication without any speed problems?

Additionally, I am using jetpack 4.6

Thank you.

There is discussion in the topic:
The speed of 5G dongle - #27 by DaneLLL

Please take a look. What we observed is that the capability of CPU cores also impacts throughput.


We checked whether there was a change in CPU usage when using 5G communication.

And I tried 5G communication by designating it as the nearest server.

There was room in the CPU, but the speed of 5G communication remained unchanged.

Is there any other reason for the slowdown in 5G communication?

Oh to have nice 5G like that. Here in the Netherlands on Vodafone where ever I have tested 4G is consistently way faster than 5G. Last time I tested (iPhone) about a month ago, the 4G was more than 3x faster than the 5G. 5G speeds were around 70mps and 4G was around 200MB/s.


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