Jetson Orin Nano Encoding

If I use Opencv or V4L2 or GStreamer for capturing, recording and displaying camera previews, does the encoding process not occur?

Please share the gstreamer command you are running for reference. If encoder such as x264enc is not linked, it does not pass through H264 codec.

I haven’t set up my NVIDIA environment yet.
I am currently contemplating purchasing the Developer Kit, and looking at the spec, Jetson Orin Nano does not include an encoder, so I wanted to check whether encoding is possible when displaying a video preview, capturing, or recording.

It should be good for Orin Nano to run single camera preview + recording in 1080p30. For higher resolution or framerate, we would suggest use Orin NX.

In summary,
inJetson Orin Nano Dev.Kit, if I use software encoder such as x264enc in gstreamer, or use ffmpeg go through encode and output camera preview.
Is that right?

We would suggest use gstreamer or jetson_multiemdia_api. Please check the documents for more information:
Jetson Linux API Reference: Sample Applications | NVIDIA Docs
Accelerated GStreamer — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation

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Lastly, I want to make sure my understanding is correct.
if I use software encoder such as x264enc in gstreamer, or use ffmpeg it go through encode when I display video preview is that right?

It depends on resolution and frame rate. If the resolution is 1080p30, it should be good. If it is 1080p60 or 4K, it shall not achieve the target performance.

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Looking at what was mentioned above

You said that the camera preview does not pass through H264 codec. Does it not pass even if I use Gstreamer’s x264enc or ffmpeg?

Preview + encode is similar to the server command in
Gstreamer TCPserversink 2-3 seconds latency - #5 by DaneLLL

The frames are sent to nveglglessink for camera preview. In this path it does not pass through H264 codec.
In the path the frames are sent to nvv4l2h264enc(need to be replaced with x264enc when using Orin Nano), it passes through H264 codec.

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So how about using ffmpeg?
Does the H.264 codec pass through when using ffmpeg?

I am not sure how to show camera preview through ffmpeg stack. This would need other users to advise.

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Your answers helped me a lot.

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Are you saying that the camera preview doesn’t go through the H264 codec because the frames are sent to nveglglessink when displaying the camera preview?

Yes, the frames are rendered without being encoded to h264 stream.

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I have a question

According to this, Orin Nano does not go through a codec when previewing the camera.

Then doesn’t AGX Orin also go through a codec when previewing the camera? Or does it go through a hardware codec?

Preview and encoding are two paths, so for showing camera preview, it does not use hardware codec. This is same for all Jetson devices.

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