Jetson - Remote Management

Is there an open-source or proprietary “remote-management” method aaaanyone can PLEASE recommend for the jetson nano range?

I need to create a remotely manageable “people counting” solution that connects a jetson to the clients IP camera network over RTSP

Right now I have no idea how to remotely “view/manage” the IP camera live stream for image validation and training.


Hello @jake.manning ,

I hope you are doing well.

We offer RTSPsink as a solution to provide users with the ability of streaming data via RTSP with simply using our element on a GStreamer pipeline or application. Please check our wiki for more information on this product:

As per the people counting part of your use case, I would suggest taking a look at DeepStream. This amazing framework provided by NVIDIA, allows you to deploy AI solutions optimized for your specific device. Deepstream provides an easy integration with GStreamer pipelines as well, which means that creating a GStreamer application that incorporates DeepSteram and RTSPsink, would be fairly easy.

Feel free to contact us in order to further discuss your idea. We would very gladly help you with your awesome project. You can reach us via:

Please let me know if my answer helps you, or if there is any other doubt that I might be able to support you with.

best regards,
Andres Campos
Embedded Software Engineer

Hi @andres.campos

Thanks for sharing the links and possible solutions to the problems we’re currently facing.

(Ps thanks for replying so quickly, sorry for the delayed response).

I’ll contact you on your website.

Thanks again!

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