Jetson TX1 initrd

Hi everyone,
It is said that starting at R24.2+ an initrd is used and contains some firmware.
I want to know what kind of firmware that initrd contains and how can I compile this initrd?

Any help is very appreciated.
Thank in advance.
Best regards.

Sent this info earlier, reposting here in case it is of use for viewing and repackaging an initrd (a cpio+gzip archive):

sudo -s
cd /tmp
# Need a clean directory you can later delete:
mkdir test
cd test
gunzip < /where/ever/it/is/initrd > initrd.cpio
# This does the actual unpack in current directory:
cpio -vid < initrd.cpio
# You can save or delete initrd.cpio here, I just
# delete (otherwise it gets put in any cpio you
# repackage which is not what you want):
mv initrd.cpio ..
# Explore, edit, modify if desired...then repackage
# with new name:
find . -print | cpio -ov > ../initrd-modified.cpio
cd ..
gzip initrd-modified.cpio
mv initrd-modified.cpio initrd-modified
# This is the old unmodified cpio file:
rm initrd.cpio
# Renamed with "-modified" just to keep it from getting mixed up,
# this is now usable as an INITRD entry.
rm -Rf test