Jetson xavier AGX blank screen with ubuntu logo after flashing BSP

Hi, I was trying to flash our BSP based on L4T 32.4.3 it will flash with no error but once i configure user account and other details as it prompts it ends up in a blank ubuntu screen, I will not have any access then after, it is not hanging but no other options in desktop are visible or I have control on anything, if I try clicking power button I dont see any option see attached picture. please help me on identifying whats wrong

I know nothing about your software, but do be sure file permissions are correct, and that the source of the files are on an ext4 partition (Windows and Mac are not capable of understanding Linux permissions without a VM…file systems such as NTFS simply don’t have permissions which are compatible).

If you have serial console access, then get a boot log, and perhaps a copy of the “/var/log/Xorg.0.log” (assumes the “DISPLAY” associated with the GUI is “:0”).

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As you have told it looks like some permission issue. I have reextracted and built everything and issue resolvedXorg.0.log (18.8 KB)

but not sure what caused the issue. attached the Xorg.0 log

I couldn’t say what the failure point was, but between USB, HID drivers, udev, Xorg input module, and the filesystem permissions, there are a lot of places where input devices can fail if even some tiny part of permissions or file naming (udev) don’t work together.

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