JPEG image generated using the GPU acceleration

By using a GPU of TK1 / TX1, I would like to generate an image of the JPEG compression to even faster than the CPU.
I want to create by using the C ++.
You may be using the OpenCV.

I want sample code to run it.

Please tell me what can be achieved.

You can take a look at "
Image Encoder Sample" mentioned in But the acceleration may be done by hardware block instead of GPU.

Thank you.
But I don’t see your URL.

I notice that although sw-mobile-docs is not a valid URL (I’d bet it’s a local directory where L4T docs were unpacked) that the rest refers to the L4T documentation. The “baggage” subdirectory is where L4T docs place a number of additions beyond HTML, for example, some images and pdf files referred to in the HTML documents are here.

If you want the R24.2 version of documents, go here:

Actual set of documents as a whole on R24.2:

Once you unpack this, search for directory “baggage”:

find /wherever/docs/are -type d -name "baggage"

The file “ee_jpeg_encode.html” will be there. Somewhere in the main docs there will be a URL on the local file system to this document in addition to manually looking for it.

Oh, my fault. I meant Will update my reply. Thanks linuxdev!