Just released: HPC SDK 23.11

NVIDIA HPC SDK 23.11 introduces new unified memory programming support, enabling workloads bottlenecked by host-to-device or device-to-host transfers to achieve up to a 7x speedup due to the chip-to-chip interconnect in Grace Hopper systems.

Additionally, application development can be dramatically simplified because considerations for data location and movement are handled automatically by the system.

Read Simplifying GPU Programming for HPC with the NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip for a deeper dive detailing how NVIDIA HPC Compilers use these new hardware capabilities to simplify GPU programming with ISO C++, ISO Fortran, OpenACC, and CUDA Fortran.

Please refer to the Release Notes for full details.

Download the current release at https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-hpc-sdk-downloads.

View the current documentation.