Kernel code security

Hello there.
Is it possible to get kernel code from video memory?
For example the first program do something and at the same time second program create global memory dump. Next we get instructions from memory, disassembled it and get kernel working algorithm. Is it possible?

It is certainly possible. If you want to do it yourself, it’s going to be a lot of work though, probably including running a custom driver to circumvent memory protection on the GPU. Once you do that, it’s probably easier to intercept the kernel code while being transferred to the GPU, or just get it directly from the executable file.

Interesting, but still, you won’t have the “algorithm” but instead a ptx assembly code, that you will have to understand, line per line…
From my point of view, if you could understand ptx assembly code (without any comment), you are probably able to write the same code by yourself, taking less time to code it than to understand existing assembly code ;)