Kernel slow in 2.0


My card is quadro 4600, i developed my program with cuda 1.1 sdk. and the kernel took around 5.1 sec to complete.
But after upgrading to 2.0, when i ran it the time taken was aroung 6.7sec (?) . and also the system seem to be extermely unresponsive ( compared to that with 1.1 )

For installing 2.0, i uninstalled 1.1 sdk and 1.1 toolkit, and installed the 2.0 driver without uninstalling 1.1.

Is that could be a problem?

(I just reinstalled 1.1 and found the kernel runs in 5 sec)

thanks in advance

If this problem persists with the CUDA_2.1-beta, please provide a test app that reproduces the problem.


hmm… for the time being i’ll complete my assignment in 1.1, i’ll check it up later…