KHR_debug on CPU and GPU for CLI nsys

The support for KHR_debug ranges in Nsight Systems looks to be super-useful for mapping OpenGL GPU work to high-level application tasks (e.g., here’s all the GPU time spent for rendering this user-defined chunk of the scene).

This works great in the Systems GUI, capturing both CPU and GPU time corresponding to my ranges. Note I enable “Collect KHR_debug trace”, “Collect GPU workload trace” and the sub-option “Enable KHR_debug GPU trace”.

Unfortunately, the CLI version only seems to capture the CPU time. Here, I’m using the --debug-markers CLI option. Maybe one problem is that I don’t have a CLI equivalent to the “Collect GPU workload trace” GUI option.

The GUI is fine for experimenting but I need the CLI version to integrate into our infrastructure, e.g., doing profiling as part of CI.

You are correct that right now, while OpenGL CPU trace is available from the CLI the KHR_debug extension has not been enabled. I’ll talk to the CLI architect and find out how difficult it would be to add and get it scheduled.

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