Lifetime for NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit


I was wondering how long would the TX2’s Developer Kit be supported? On the product lifetime website, it says 2022. However, the same website says that the TK1 would be supported until 2024, yet the TK1 Developer Kit has reached its EOL. Just trying to understand the terminology so that the right board is chosen for a long-term project - any feedback would be appreciated!


Hi XPX9000,

For Developer Kit, the official End of Life notice will be sent a minimum of 8 months prior to the last shipment. The table in Jetson Product Lifecycle is for Jetson module or Tegra Processors. Customer can still develop their carrier board or purchase from ecosystem partners.


As an example, Toradex still sells a module based on the TK1 SoC (it isn’t the developer kit, but it is a TK1):

Toradex can sell these (since the SoCs are still available) even though the TK1 dev kit is no longer sold directly by NVIDIA. You’d probably need to have a minimum purchase quantity to pick up individual SoCs.

Thank you for the replies!

Similarly, if I were to try to predict how long the dev kit for TX2’s would be available/when the last shipment would be, how would I do that?