Linking to an older version of cublas64_XX.dll at run time

I am developing using CUDA toolking 9.2 and using Visual Studio on Windows 10.
I would like to target machines that have Cublas64_75.dll at run time, but my executable looks for cublas64_92.dll

Is there a way to configure the app to link to an older version of cublas?
I looked in the .h files and in the configuration setup on VS and could not find anything.

I am using a very limited set of functions in cublas, and I know that the older versions would work with my code. (wish I could statically link!).


If you haven’t solved yet, it might be worth trying:

I never tried it myself, but if you are still stuck, it doesn’t hurt to see if it works.

Thanks saulocpp!
I will give it a try.