Hello I’m running the Nvidia Tegra K1 32 Bit ARM7 Hard Float processor on the brilliant Acer CB5-13 Full HD Chromebook

I tried installing the latest drivers from NVidia

But since it’s a system on a chip (SOC)
The driver does not recognize that the NVidia chip contains the integrated GPU

This means I cannot install the driver or use Hardware acceleration

As a result the graphics and video playback is really slow

Does anyone know if there is a Driver in Development for 32 Bit Linux

for Ubuntu/Debian etc… that will RECOGNIZE and enable the GPU on this chrome book? as the current driver does not seem to do this

Can someone help out?

Please edit the title, so it at least has some resemblence to the question you’re asking.

What’s the reason of not running Chrome OS?

Also, why wouldn’t you try running nouveau?