Linux operating system can also read vram temperature values like windows

In order to be able to use our graphics cards freely wherever we want, I suggest some improvements for linux and similar operating systems. The most important of these is the gpu temperature values, as well as the vram values ​​should be readable by linux. Please start the work on the subject.

What use-cases are you thinking of that aren’t already supported by nvidia-smi ?

As I said, the vram temperature values ​​are not visible in the linux operating system. this can be fixed and there are really a lot of threads about this situation.

It seems to be visible for certain GPUs:

 HBM memory temperature. in degrees C.

Or is this just related to supporting cryptocurrency mining on consumer-class GPUs?

Edit: Oh, there’s a current and active thread over here:

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Why does it matter to whom I use the product for what purpose? We invest thousands of dollars and carry out certain studies, and this may be mining, that’s not the problem. Here, a company that we never want to give up is responding to our demands. It is essential to eliminate suffering.

We have discussed this situation with many linux developer communities, we have talked many times that there is no deficiency on the linux side and that the issue should be handled by Nvidia developers. please put an end to this issue and this problem will disappear.

exist specific hardware for that prurpose (CMP series). use it instead desktop ones

There is no purpose here, my dear, I want to use it, so 50,000 I will share the decision in transpersonal communities. At the same time, I work in a game development company, I did not specify a purpose.

I am following the subject, please, I request a study on it, and we are ready to do our best.