Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 535.43.02 [beta]

Release highlights since 530.41.03:

  • Added support for the VK_EXT_memory_priority, and VK_EXT_pageable_device_memory extensions for Turing+ GPUs.

  • Improved the performance of Minecraft Java Edition on RTX 3000 series GPUs.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the NVIDIA GLX driver, as reported at: ASAN reports memory leak in

  • Added support for driving very high pixel clock mode timings such as 8K @ 60Hz. Please see the MaxOneHardwareHead X11 ModeValidation token in the README for details.

  • Extended Dynamic Boost support on notebooks to include older Renoir and Cezanne chipsets, in addition to Rembrandt and newer AMD chipsets.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Vulkan X11 swapchain creation to fail on GPUs without a display engine when the VK_KHR_present_id extension is used.

  • Fixed console restore on legacy VGA consoles when using the NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Modules.

  • Added nvoptix.bin to the driver package. This data file is used by the OptiX ray tracing engine library,

  • Removed from the driver package. This functionality is now provided by other driver libraries.

  • Added power usage and power limits information to nvidia-settings PowerMizer page.

  • Updated NV_CTRL_GPU_POWER_SOURCE NV-CONTROL API to report undersized power source.

  • Add support for version 4 of the linux-dmabuf wayland protocol.

  • Updated the bundled copy of the GBM EGL external platform library:

    GitHub - NVIDIA/egl-gbm: The GBM EGL external platform library

    The updated version includes the fix for a bug which caused the number of free GBM surface buffers to be reported incorrectly.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented running a Wayland compositor in headless mode on GPUs without display hardware.

  • Fixed a regression in Luxmark performance between 525.89.02 and 525.105.17.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause an unexpected VK_ERROR_NATIVE_WINDOW_IN_USE_KHR error in certain circumstances when recreating Vulkan surfaces.

  • Fixed a regression that caused brightness control to not vary smoothly across the range of values.

  • Improved the reliability of suspend and resume on UEFI systems when using certain display panels.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some controls in the nvidia-settings control panel from working when running an X server as an unprivileged user.

  • Fixed a bug which caused incorrect reporting of presentation times when using the VK_NV_present_barrier Vulkan extension.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause fullscreen PRIME Render Offload applications and/or X to crash when an NVIDIA GPU is driving multiple displays with Reverse PRIME.

  • Added support for console restoration when using simpledrm.

  • Disabled Fixed Rate Link (FRL) when using passive DisplayPort to HDMI dongles, which are incompatible with FRL.

  • Updated nvidia-modprobe to create symbolic links in /dev/char when creating the /dev/nvidia* device nodes. This resolves an issue that prevented the device nodes from working with newer versions of runc:

    Newer runc versions break support for NVIDIA GPUs · Issue #3708 · opencontainers/runc · GitHub

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