LLVM PTX Backend

Any plan to release the compiler source code related LLVM?

Supposely nvcc is not using the official LLVM PTX backend since there’s no complete support for PTX ISA (correct me if I’m wrong), so I was wondering how to get the source (even binary) and integrate with it?

We’ve been silently building programming language for several years for GPU computing and we used to use generate intermediate cu file but later found that it’s not scalable when the source gets larger and larger, so we switched to LLVM and hope to integrate with the internal PTX backend. I’ve submit the LLVM source request form for multiple times but got no response. Please let me know how to become qualified for the source request. Thanks!

At the moment, the source code is available only to a restricted number of developers.
More information on general availability will probably be released at GTC in May.