Loading compressed textures


When loading compressed textures (.dds) is it possible to use the API to get the format (BCn) of the file? The textures have this metadata in them in the header, but I’m not sure how to access it via the mi::base::Handle<const mi::neuraylib::ITexture> API (or some other API if that is not the right one).


Hi jagj,

This is not possible. The image plugins and the API are designed in a away that you and the renderer don’t need to care about the encoding of the file. The mi::neuraylib::IImage, you can query from the texture, gives you access the unpacked data only.


Hi @krohmer,

Thanks for the answer. So if I wanted to take advantage of CUDA’s built in block compressed textures, I would need to repack the data after MDL has loaded it? Are there any plans to make this more integrated/easier?