Local Host issues

Can’t connect to local host. I believe this started after upgrading to Windows 11. I am running enterprise launcher 1.5.5, newer versions are not available from the portal. I open localhost:34080 and “unable to connect”. I can use localhost/admin/admin and that creates a server using localhost:3080. But if I use my username/pw for my NVidia account it says invalid. When I use admin/admin local host won’t open in Create. I have the latest enterprise apps installed.

Hello @bjcarve! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Hi @bjcarve,

Thank you for posting your question. The latest available version of the Omniverse Launcher is 1.8.3. When you say that it’s not available in the portal, can you please confirm which portal you are looking in?

If you access the URL of http://localhost:3080/ in your web browser, you should see a list of the locally installed Nucleus applications. (Auth, Cache, Discovery, etc.) - Do you see this page? If yes, next to each you should see a status. Are they green with a checkmark or are any stopped or failed?

I assume the reason I don’t have access to Enterprise Launcher greater than 1.5.5 is because I have far exceeded the 30 day trial or I have an old link.
The link I use to get to the Enterprise account is:

Perhaps this is out of data?

I have finally gotten permission to purchase an enterprise license. I am figuring out how to configure the license, based on need and cost.

I am an experienced user and was an alpha tester. All of the apps are running in the monitor page.

The workstation launcher is at 1.8.3. The enterprise launcher is definately newer than 1.5.5 which is the highest available at the link I posted.

Hi @bjcarve,

Thank you for your reply and please accept my sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

What timezone are you in? If possible, I’d like to do a screenshare with you.


I am in MST in Albuquerque. Available anytime to screen share.