Locking a warp to a warp scheduler to ensure a particular warp is always executing

I believe an Orin AGX has 4 warp schedulers, hence 4 warps can run at a time. Is there a way to make sure that a particular warp is always running by maybe giving it a higher priority than other warps?
I want a set of 16 threads to fetch non-contiguous data from global memory and provide it to the remaining 1016 threads to perform some computations. I would like to lock these set of threads to a scheduler and the remaining three schedulers will schedule all the other warps needing the data.
If this is possible how would I do it?

A possible solution is to run the process on specific CPU cores. You can set isolcpus and then run teaskset to schedule the process to the core(s). Please refer to this post and give it a try:
CPU at 0% performance - #3 by linuxdev

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