LPRnet refrence error

• Network Type (LPRnet)
• TLT Version (last version)

It seems these errors are related to each other,

when I am running tao lprnet inference command I get this

Docker instantiation failed with error: 404 Client Error: Not Found ("no such image: nvcr.io/nvidia/tao/tao-toolkit-tf:v3.21.11-tf1.15.5-py3: No such image: nvcr.io/nvidia/tao/tao-toolkit-tf:v3.21.11-tf1.15.5-py3")

and when I am running docker pull nvcr.io/nvidia/tao/tao-toolkit-tf:v3.21.11-tf1.15.5-py3

filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256:b52f6fb756a569a648d1d787c8971c0f5c6fb14b2455d019e8f318c444779752

Please check if docker.errors.NotFound: 404 Client Error - #7 by Morganh helps you.

Please run training in host PC with dgpu.
After training done, you can run inference in host PC or Jetson devices.

can I run inference without training? I want to use just inference network.

Sure. You can refer to official github GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/deepstream_lpr_app: Sample app code for LPR deployment on DeepStream

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