LZO realtime compression LZO realtime compression.

Does anyone have experience in Real-time compression aka. LZO??

The encoding and decoding is as far as I remember rather processor intensive, as well as calculation intensive. So I wonder whether this would be a candidate for CUDA?

Thanks in advance for any inputs


I’m not familiar with LZO, is it a parallelizable algorithm? I know LZ77 is essentially a sequential algorithm and it’s not trivial to parallelize it (though it is possible and has been done) so if LZO is anything like LZ77, it probably won’t be easy. Then again, I’m no specialist on compression algorithms (and I only replied to this thread because no one else did :) )

To achieve those great speed-ups CUDA advertises, the algorithm must not only be computationally intensive but also (and mainly) massively parallelizable.

You might want to read this thread
caution, it gets slightly derailed

detailed. he meant detailed :whistling:

Bic Mac.
Thanks for replying.
Nope I would think it is not easy parallelizable - although it contains some computations.
Think I will follow your idea - which basically is “Drop-it” :ermm:

Where the discussion ended in the other thread was, “Do you really have a need?” If, for you, the answer is yes, then there’s always ways and means (like cutting up the data into pieces and doing it multi-serial).