Magazine cover

Here is my latest highrez work, a cover art for Finnish Industry Logistics magazine :)
Made in Machinima from CAD files & this great warehouse: Garage_02 in Environments - UE Marketplace


Nice work @pekka.varis!

Pekka, this looks great!


Love it! Is this on social media like twitter for us to reshare it? So good!

Looks awesome! Great work!

Awesome!! Looks great!

tjgalda I just called to one of this projects customers, and he promised to give us an answer for possible some usage at next monday 28.6.

tjgalda - I just emailed the permission and other details to Jamie Allan from Nvidia. Can you continue this with him?

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Great! Thank you!

Also Prof E from Nvidia ( discord username ) is involved in this case. Can you contact him too please :)

Looks nice!

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