Make menuconfig

Apparently it’s an error due to an ordering problem with source syncing.


I am currently facing this issue as well. Has there been any update? It seems ShaneCCC’s answer is to fix the sourcing issue while using the GitPulls or download from the download centre. I’ve done both and still have this issue.

Is there any short term fix we can do to bypass this. I just wanted to add some flags so that WireGuard could install properly on the Jetson System.

Can you enable the feature by modify the instead of run the make menuconfig?


I tested them. The two methods are modified in the “$PWD/kernel_out” directory Config file, so why can one method succeed and the other method report errors? Is there any other difference

Same boat.
Here is a suggestion:
Tested and it works (Jetpack 5.1.1) Not sure if it helps in your case. It works for me.
Feedback welcome.

make -C kernel/kernel-5.10/ ARCH=arm64 mrproper (to start from a clean config)
make -C kernel/kernel-5.10/ ARCH=arm64 O=$PWD/kernel_out tegra_defconfig
make -C kernel/kernel-5.10/ ARCH=arm64 O=$PWD/kernel_out menuconfig

if you compile with ./, it will overwrite again the .config on the kernel_out folder.

Thank you for your suggestion. This approach is indeed possible, but what I don’t understand is why using the ‘make menuconfig’ command directly in the ‘O=$PWD/kernel_out’ directory is not possible