Making HX711 run on Jetson nano

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I’m trying to make the code from GitHub - kempei/hx711py-jetsonnano: HX711 Python Library for Jetson Nano runnable on my jetson nano. I have followed the procedure provided within the page and the group permission for the gpiochips has worked successfully. Unfortunately I have issues with the gpiod package. I keep on getting the following traceback :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 29, in
hx = HX711(dout = 10, pd_sck = 12, chip = gpiod.Chip(“0”, gpiod.Chip.OPEN_BY_NUMBER))
AttributeError: module ‘gpiod’ has no attribute ‘Chip’

Has anybody faced the same issue or was able to make the HX711 (load amplifier) working on the jetson nano?

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I don’t have answer due to never try that before. You can try to contact with the author if they can support.
May other developers to share experiences.

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