MapBufferObject and UnmapBufferObject timings

I want to use VBO with CUDA but I have a problem, the cudaGLMapBufferObject and cudaGLUnmapBufferObject functions takes too long to execute (16ms). With that time I can only have 14ms in CUDA if I want 30ms execution time per frame.

I would like to contact CUDA programmers, but I only have this place where I can get some support.

I want to handle big meshes, that´s why I need VBO.

Somebody help me please!!!

If you search the forums here you will see that NVIDIA has acknowledged the problem and is working on improving this.

Thanks E.D. Riedijk!

Can you give me a hand finding that information in the forum?

on the right top of the page is a search option.
or google for pbo and cuda.

I tried with no results, I really need to see that post, my boss wants an official announcement about that bug, Is there a possibility to contact programmers group?

I would pm paulius, he is the most talkative NVIDIA guy about this subject. He recently said something about it again.

Thanks a lot again E.D. Riedijk, I’ll gonna pm him now!