Match pseudo random numbers between MT19937 CPU and GPU

I am studying the behaviour of CURAND_RNG_PSEUDO_MT19937, specifically in order to match numbers generated by the standard CPU implemetation of Mersenne Twister (std::mt19937 or boost::random::mt19937).

I read in the documentation that cuRand MT19937 “has the same parameters as CPU version, but ordering is different […] Output is generated by 8192 independent generators. Each generator generates consecutive subsequence of the original sequence. […] Results are permuted differently than originally to achieve higher performance.”

Checking the unsigned int output sequences of std::mt19937 and cuRand MT19937 with the same seed, only the first number is equal and immediately the two generators diverge.

Consider that in my CPU environment, I have a distributed computation that instantiate n std::mt19937 with incremental seeds (s+1, s+2, etc.). Do you know if there is a way to modify the cuRand MT19937 generators in order to match my workflow?