Max cudaMalloc under Windows 7 is there a restriction?


Is there a restriction on the size of a block of memory I can allocate using a single cudaMalloc / cuMemAlloc under Windows 7?

Cuda 2.3 release notes [link] state the following under 'Known Issues for Windows Vista and Server 2008 :

There is no such mention referring to Windows 7. However, I ran an experiment that looped through various block sizes beginning from the memory size reported by the cudaGetDeviceProperties reducing each successive attempt by 100 MB. The maximum memory I could allocate on a Tesla C1060 (4GB memory size) was about 895 MB.

Is there a way I can get around this under Windows 7?

Thanks in anticipation!

Win7 is the same as Vista in this regard. And no, it can’t really be worked around (with normal WDDM drivers, at least).